Best Taste Caribbean Takeaway

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Menu Best Taste Caribbean Takeaway

If you want to know what a Caribbean takeaway like Best Taste offers in London then you will have to focus on its takeaway menu. A brief look on pour menu can also be helpful for you while placing order to entertain your family and friends at some special occasion. Our menu opens with a variety of Chicken dishes like Chicken Brown Stew and Jerk Chicken Meal etc. followed by various types of meat dishes including Oxtail and Cow Foot etc. and Fish dishes such as Escovitch and Steam Fish etc. so that you can choose some of the for your guests. In the following part of our menu you can choose from various Vegetarian Dishes like Vegetarian Steam and Macaroni and Cheese etc. for the guests loving vegetarian foods. In the Specials segment of our menu you can select the type of Roti you will like to serve to your guests. We also offer various types of soups including Red Peas Soup and Fish Tea Soup etc. for your family and friends. There is a Side Orders section in our menu to offer your various interesting items like Green Salad, Saltfish Fritters, Chicken Jamaican Patties and Vegetable Jamaican Patties etc. In the last section of our menu you can find few options of drinks along with sweets to finish your order in a sweet and comforting mode.

About Best Taste Caribbean Takeaway

Since its opening Best Taste is gaining reputation as an authentic Caribbean takeaway in London. In order to earn this reputation we have decided to try our best in searching for the best ingredients and methods to prepare our dishes with authentic tastes and flavours. All of our efforts have succeeded in winning the hearts of the people living in this city and its nearby areas. We have also allowed people to place their orders online to save their time required for waiting for the preparation of their order. But for placing their order online they have to reach their office or home if they are working in field. So to facilitate such customers we have launched our apps few weeks back. Now they can place their orders from where they are just by downloading our apps from App Store or Google Store on their mobile devices like laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Restaurant location Best Taste Caribbean Takeaway

You will have to find Best Taste, a Caribbean takeaway, in London if you want to collect the delivery of your online placed takeaway order because you will have to collect your order yourself only. It is easy to find us at 335 Caledonian Road, London, N1 1DW through various ways. If you live n nearby area then you can ask local residents to find us. But if you are coming from far away areas then you can use local transportation system to reach us easily. If you are using your personal vehicle to find us in this area but are not familiar with the roads of this city then you can use online maps like Google maps for this purpose.

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